Blast from the past! Medieval map reveals Winchester’s historical background

Winchester’s historical past is to be revealed like never before as a new map ranging back to the 1800s is launched.

The map features rare watercolours from the 1820s, along with the long-forgotten location of Roman walls scattered across the city.

The map has been created by Winchester Excavations Committee (WEC) and The Historic Towns Trust.

Martin Biddle, WEC director, said that the whole purpose of the map was “to show Winchester as it was in the 1800s”.

According to Martin, the map shows many surprising facts about Winchester: “The line of the city walls was laid out by Romans, along with the gates of the city”

The committee has managed to collect thousands of historical documents and writings, going all the way back to the early 1800s to help create the updated map.

As well as the various different documents, the map is also based on archaeological digs going as far back as 1961.


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