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Homeless shelter is asking for a helping hand

More than 50 homeless people are in “desperate need” of spoons, a Winchester charity has revealed.

Trinity, the homeless organisation in Durngate Place tweeted yesterday: “We are in desperate need of spoons to feed 50+ people meals every day – can you donate?”

The organisation wants to “encourage people to resuse their unwanted items by donating…”, instead of throwing it away. The donation also helps them to keep their costs down.

Trinity told WINOL: “We sent out the tweet because it will encourage people to reuse their unwanted items by donating to us, rather than throwing in landfill, and it also keeps our costs down.”

The organisation said they are providing two meals a day for “people who are homeless and vulnerable in some way”. Due to the amount of meals and people they are feeding, items break or go missing.

They are asking anybody who is interested in donating to get in touch with them for more information.

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