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Local Councillor Trumps over US supporters

Local councillor Satvir Kaur has swapped Southampton stomping ground for South Carolina as she heads to the US campaigning for clinton.

With this years vote being one of the hottest topic in the news, and with America voting today, in what will go down as the most controversial election in history.

With Donald Trump running on behalf of the Republicans and Hilary Clinton for the Democrats, who will be the one to replace Barack Obama in the White house.

Local Councillor Satvir Kaur, is in the states helping presidential candidate Clinton rally support.

Kaur said “ we’ve made 20,000 contacts the past 4 days.”

Kaur was approached by Democratic candidate Hilary Clintons campaign team to help rally support for the party with her enthusiastic and passionate campaigning style, which has proved valuable in her own elections.

The country will be out voting today and results will be known by tomorrow morning. Stair said: “ massive poll queues today totally makes it worth it.”

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