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Time running out for Hampshire hounds to find new home

A dog charity will have to leave Hampshire for good if a new home is not found in the next few months.

An appeal was launched in October by The Retired Greyhound Trust (RGT) to find a suitable home for the dogs but now ‘the clock is really ticking’, according to volunteers.

The Hampshire and Surrey branch of the RGT currently operates in Fleet but the owner is looking to retire and sell the property so the dogs are in desperate need of a new home.

Katherine MacDonald from the RGT told WINOL: “We have about eight months to try and find a site, but these things take time so ideally we’d want to have something in place by Christmas.

“We’ve had some responses, but not as many as we’d hoped- our welfare team is looking into those who have been in touch so far.”

In the worst case scenario if a site is not found in time, the dogs will continue to be looked after by the RGT at one of their 60 UK branches.

Ms MacDonald said: “We have a huge volunteer base at RGT Hampshire and Surrey of over 180 volunteers who put their life and soul into finding homes for these wonderful dogs, so we really don’t want it to come to that- we want to continue our mission in the Fleet area.”

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