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Winchester City councillor calls for change under new chief executive

Winchester City councillor Lucille Thompson hopes that the council’s newly-elected chief executive might ‘change the culture of the council.’

Laura Taylor has been elected as the new chief executive of Winchester City Council and will be their first ever female in her role.

In January 2017 she will be replacing Simon Eden who has departed after 13 years in the role.

She will have a budget of over £90m a year and will be responsible for 470 staff.

Mrs Taylor said: ‘Winchester is an attractive place to live, to work and to visit.  I look forward to helping members and colleagues work with local communities and organisations to develop and deliver the Council’s ambitious plans for the future.’

Councillor Lucille Thompson is looking forward to the arrival of Mrs Taylor and says that her group will want to meet the new chief executive.

Councillor Thompson said: ’We’re hoping that she might change the culture of the council so that it becomes more of a listening council, which means that when confrontation is taking place that the results of the confrontation is actually listened to and taken up.’

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