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Complaints rocket about ‘unsightly’ waste in city centre

Winchester businesses have been warned to move “unappealing” trade waste as part of a council crackdown.

Residents and visitors’ complaints have surged resulting in an initiative to reduce waste in city centre

Councillor Jan Warwick, said the city centre was “blighted by multiple, overflowing trade waste bins” and the problem “also causes an issue around accessibility and hygiene”.

The initiative is meant “to spur into action those who have not yet managed to successfully tackle waste management”.

A three-way partnership between Winchester BID, Winchester City Council and Hampshire County Council will identify businesses whose waste is causing the problem and will address the issue.

Winchester City Council is to hold a meeting on Monday to address growing concerns about the amount of “unsightly market bins” in the historic city centre

After the meeting enforcement action will be taken against businesses that have not removed their bins from the highway.

The initiative is to encourage businesses in the Market Lane and St Maurice’s Covet Area to reduce the amount of time they leave their bins out on the streets.

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