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Councillor confident in flood plans despite funding concerns

The chairman of a local parish council is confident that new flood prevention plans will work, despite being “concerned and aware of the possibility of another flood”.

Hampshire County Council invited the public to view the plans at Littleton Millennium Memorial Hall, in the heart of a community heavily affected by flooding in 2014.

During the event some locals voiced their concerns over the funding of the project, but Councillor Patrick Cunningham told WINOL:

“There is enough funding there from all the agencies and the parish council to address the issue.”

The cost of the new project is around £100,000, but funding is yet to be secured and will not be finalised until at least next summer.

The proposals will see a large pipe installed under the village of Littleton, which will remove water from residential areas and onto land owned by the Ministry of Defence.

Further consultations will take place over the coming months.

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