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Students at risk of burglary at university

Students are “often unaware” they are moving into burglary hotspots, according to insurance companies.

One in five students are victims of crime while at college or university, NUS figures show.

More than 400 burglaries were reported within a one mile radius of both Portsmouth and Southampton universities last year.

Laura Hughes, of General Insurance, said: “University is an exciting time for students.

“However, given that on average they go off to university with possessions worth nearly £3,500, it’s really important that students take the necessary steps to ensure that their valuables are kept safe.”

Emma Valentine, a student at University of Winchester, had her student home broken into.

The burglar did not take anything, but left her with a broken window.

She said: “I think if I hadn’t been able to shut the lounge door, I would have been very uncomfortable, and probably would have had to stay at one of my friends’ houses.”

The Association of British Insurers has advised students to check their parents’ and university’s insurance policies, not leave valuables unattended or in sight and lock windows and doors.

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