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Hampshire Scouts preparing to take on one of World’s harshest environments

Two men from Hampshire are attempting to become the first ever Scouts team to ski 700 miles to the South Pole and back unaided.

The pair, Joseph Doherty, 24, from Andover and Oliver Robinson, 27, from Winchester, will be raising money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) after two of Oliver’s grandparents died from the condition.

When they finally set off from the coast of Antarctica in November next year the Hampshire Scouts will have been preparing for the expedition over six years.

Joseph, who now lives in Wales, told WINOL: “I’ve climbed mountains in Nepal that have only got about 40% oxygen that there is sea level.

“I’ve ran marathons back to back and I’ve walked the length of Wales but this expedition will be the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

Mr Doherty, who was inspired to take on this challenge after his Scout leaders climbed Mount Everest in 2007, also said: “The whole point is to show young people, scouts or not scouts, that you can achieve something that’s your dream.”

Oliver Robinson, Joe Doherty (left to right) and former team members on summit of Mont Blanc in 2013

During the 80 days the team aim to complete the challenge in they will have to face temperatures as low as -50C and potential wind speeds of 80mph.

Joseph and Oliver will embark on their final training exercise in February when they travel to Norway to prepare for the extreme conditions.

The pair have currently raised about £2,000 on their expedition website.

The MNDA gives support to sufferers of Motor Neurone Disease and aids research into finding new treatments.

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