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Winchester Markets own George Hodgson, uses his Mental Health problems to become fashion inspiration.

A local man who suffers from severe anxiety and OCD, has been featured in some of the world’s top leading fashion magazines as an inspirational fashion designer.

George Hodgson featured in, Vanity Fair, Vanity Fair Italia, and The Telegraph, winner of the British Fashion Start up Awards 2016 and founder of Maison de Choup, has used his Mental Health problems to create an upcoming fashion brand.

Originally, starting Maison de Choup in 2014 while suffering from extreme Mental Health problems, George created his designs by putting his thoughts into a “little black book”, that he went to print on his inspiring t-shirts.

George says the reaction to his stall in the Winchester market has been really positive: “loads of people come up to me, talking about their own experiences with Mental Health”.

George hopes to continue to grow ‘MDC’, working with University students who suffer themselves, creating their own designs to tell their own stories.

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