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Queens award presented to homeless shelter volunteers

Volunteers in Winchester will be presented with a queen’s award for helping the homeless community.

Winchester Nightshelter will be hosting a supporters evening on November 16th with the award being presented by the Queen’s personal representative, Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire, Nigel Atkinson.

With over one hundred people staying per year, the night shelter has been growing and continues to rely on volunteers to provide vital help.

Michele Price, manager of the Nightshelter, said “Without its volunteer cooks and overnight helpers the Nightshelter simply could not operate.

“The Nightshelter has been able to expand its services to offer residents individual programmes of mental health support, cookery workshops, financial and budgetary advice to help them progress to a stable, productive future.”

The evening will have contributions from staff members, volunteers and residents to show the impact that it has had on the homeless and the local community.

To mark the prestigious award, The Big Issue founder, Stephen Robertson will be speaking about the importance of The big issue for both the homeless and the public on the evening.

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