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Free services going unused by students

Students are failing to take advantage of the free services on offer at the University of Winchester.

Heather Evans, director of Bespoke Biking, which services bikes on campus said: “Numbers are increasing for staff, bringing their bikes in on a regular basis…but not great numbers for students.”

With them servicing about 20 bikes per session, they tend to be fully booked by 12pm, indicating the Bike Doctor’s popularity.

She said that the main damage they see relates to the tyres not being pumped up and the chains not being greased.

In what is an attempt to encourage staff and students to travel sustainably, Bike Doctor is subsidised by the university and so is free of charge except for a small cost for any new parts.

Liz Harris of the University of Winchester explained that the money used to subsidise this effort comes from parking permit charges and penalty charges.

She said this is a demonstration of the University’s commitment to a cleaner environment.

Bike Doctor is scheduled for every first Thursday of the month from 9 – 3 and located outside of Main Building.

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