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Winchester commemorates Austen’s death

Jane Austen’s “effect has been phenomenal” on Winchester this year. A number of events have been taking place around the city in honour of this literary heroine.

One of the events was a book launch marking the 200th anniversary of her death. Jane Austen’s England, A Walking Guide, written by 85-year old Anne-Marie Edwards, takes a look at the places Jane frequently visited and places which influenced some of her work.

At the event, Mrs Edwards describes walking gave her an insight into Jane’s life:

“And there’s only one way to explore, and that’s on your feet. So, I thought I’d do my Jane Austen walks.”

The author recounted what Jane’s day to day life entailed and spoke about all the trademark signs which were in Jane’s books.

Winchester Mayor, David McLean said: “Jane Austen’s effect this year has been phenomenal, with the Guildhall with Winchester Cathedral which has been absolutely fantastic, with the launch of the new ten-pound note with the cathedral on it and Jane Austen it’s been a fantastic year.”

Looking ahead, there are further events being planned to commemorate Jane Austen. The next will be mayor Talks at Abbey House in Wednesday 22nd November.

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