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Calling for better glass recycling

Hundreds of Winchester resident are calling for the council to make it easier for residents to recycle their glass.

Local Winchester resident and environmentalist Lynda Murphy have started a petition for glass collection at the kerbside. As of right now it has 707 signatures

Winchester is one of the few City councils in Hampshire that does not collect glass with the rest of the recycling. As of right now, Winchester residents, have to bring their glass recycling to different collection points in the area.

WINOL spoke to local residents and asked them what they thought about the petition. 71% thought it was a good idea, 11% where indifferent and 18% liked the current system.

One of the reasons people are signing the petition is because they are concerned that people with less chance of mobility is struggling with bringing their recycling to the points. A point has also been raised that people will be better at recycling if it is made easier for them.

James Miller,  from Winchester Action on Climate Change (WinACC), said: “In terms of recycling, Winchester languishes in the bottom 20% of English authorities.

“Research suggests that with a doorstep service the glass capture rate would increase significantly, this in turn would drive up our recycling rate.”

Others are not so happy with the suggestion and think the current system works fine. One resident WINOL talked to, a former councillor, meant that just leaving the glass on the kerbside would only be an invitation for un-social behaviour that would only lead to glass everywhere.

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