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Domestic abuse campaigners say ‘in a place like Winchester many believe abuse won’t happen’

The national white ribbon campaign – a global movement raising awareness of domestic violence came to Winchester to promote the fact that “abuse can happen anywhere and by anyone”.

“We are here to raise awareness of abuse for men and for women. I think in a place like Winchester many believe abuse won’t happen because it’s a nice place.”

“But we want to raise awareness of the fact that domestic abuse can happen anywhere and by anyone.”

“Also, we want to raise awareness of the fact that many times when abuse happens children are present, statistics tell us that children who witness abuse in their homes are likely to grow up and abuse or abuse themselves” said Hannah Scott the ambassador for the White Ribbon campaign in Winchester.

I think we can always do more to raise awareness of domestic abuse, “that’s why we are out here today raising awareness for international white ribbon’s day. The white ribbon’s we are wearing today are the symbol of our international campaign.”

“On days like this it is important for us to be out here promoting everything we can about the campaign so people can identify the help that they need and potentially help those friends and family around them who might need help.” stated Claire Bennett a neighbourhood services officer for Winchester.

The two campaigners commented on ways they believe the UK can cut down on domestic abuse in the home. The Ambassador said “I think by making people aware and by informing people who are being abused that there are places they can go where in strict confidence people will work with them and listen to them and know of places they can go to get help.”

Claire also commented “Education with Winchester’s young people about positive and healthy relationships. Domestic abuse isn’t just about adults it’s also about promoting positive relationships from a young age and if we can get that into our young people we believe they can have healthy relationships when they grow up as well.”

The campaign partnered up with local agencies and asked Winchester residents to wear a white ribbon – which is the national symbol of the campaign.

The event was held at St Maurice’s Covert on Thursday 23rd November, campaigners gave out hearts which were made by the local Trinity Winchester.

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