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Breaststroke for strokes

Students are attempting to swim the equivalent of the length of the English Channel.

The event will take place on 18th November at the Winchester College swimming pool.

More than 20 swimmers, most of which are from the University of Winchester, will take part in swimming the 1,340 lengths it will take to complete the 350 miles of the channel.

This will be the second year the event has taken place after over £1000 was raised last year for the charity, double their target of £500.

Team captain Ally White said “We chose this charity because our treasurer last year had a family member affected by stroke; and its kind of in her legacy that we’ve carried this on, and wanted to do it again and we have families that have been affected by stroke. It’s a great charity and they do some great work looking after families and people affected by it. That’s why we support the charity.”

The society’s target for this year starts at £1000 as they hope to raise more than last year.

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