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People experiencing “difficult time” offered support in Winchester by Samaritans

Winchester residents “having a bad time” were offered support on the day described most miserable of the year.

Winchester Samaritans were available to people at the city train station to offer free teabags and advice.

“Today is Blue Monday, but that’s not really what we want to call it – instead we call it Brew Monday. That’s because the idea is to take a teabag, make a cup of tea, and share it with a friend in order to talk to people and open up.” said a spokesperson from Winchester Samaritans.

“January is a really difficult time for so many people and a good number have already come over, taken leaflets and had a conversation. At the end of the day after work, it can be easier to both talk – and listen – to people as the stress has taken its toll and people are ready to go home.”

Winchester Samaritans now have over one hundred volunteers and can be located at 13 Upper High Street.

Blue Monday was coined by psychologist Dr Cliff Arnall over ten years ago, and takes into account different factors such as weather conditions, the end of Christmas, debt, failed New Year’s resolutions and low motivation levels.

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