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Question Time brings controversy to Winchester

Controversy comes to Winchester this Thursday, in the form of the ‘Question Time’, after a leading politician claimed she suffered discrimination on the political BBC show.

There was a backlash after last week’s show, as the Labour Party lodged a formal complain with the BBC, with Diane Abbott claiming she had “never had such a horrible experience”.

The shadow home secretary felt mistreated after new host, Fiona Bruce, ‘wrongly’ corrected Abbott about polling figures, and suggested the mistreatment from both Bruce and the Question Time audience was motivated by racism.

The Labour Party has claimed Abbott was interrupted 21 times during the show, compared to nine times for Mr Stewart and eight for the SNP’s Kirsty Blackman.

Momentum, the far-left activist organisation, set up an online petition demanding Fiona Bruce make a public apology during this week’s episode.

The BBC has ‘firmly’ rejected the claims. In a statement made on Friday it said: “We’re sorry to hear Diane Abbott’s concerns and have contacted her team to reassure them social media reports are inaccurate and misleading. Diane Abbott is a regular and important contributor. We firmly reject claims any of the panel were treated unfairly before or during the recording.”

The programme is set to go ahead on Thursday 24th but the panel has yet to be announced.

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