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‘Chaotic’ driving causes three accidents in three months outside Hampshire school

Three people have been knocked down outside a Hampshire primary school in just three months, with the road being described as “absolute bedlam”. 

Kanes Hill School on Hinkler Road, Southampton, which is a very busy commuter route, and the 20mph speed limit is often exceeded. 

On Monday, a lollipop lady was hit by a van while she was working. This follows two other incidents involving children, one being hurt, as a result of the “chaotic” road. 

Headteacher Kirsten Buist said: “It is absolute bedlam outside our school at pick up times and it’s very chaotic for our children when they leave. 

“We have cars parked up on a roundabout and in bus lanes which causes serious obstruction.”

These accidents have resulted in the school writing to the council pleading for road safety measures to be implemented, including flashing warning signs and zebra crossings. 

The school has also asked for the council to patrol the area and crackdown on those who are parking illegally and obstructing a clear view for those to cross the road.

The teachers are encouraging the pupils to create their own “please do not park here” leaflets, which will be left on vehicles that have been parked dangerously. 

A parking pledge is also being planned, which will be signed by parents and is expected to make the area safer.

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