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Police launch Safer Internet Day campaign

Hampshire police have produced a short film to raise awareness of the risks of sending nudes on social media.

The campaign is led by teenager Megan Hinton who has spoken out after a nude picture of her was leaked on social media. 

In the campaign video, Megan said that the attention she got on social media made her feel confident. She initially refused to send nude photos to a boy she was speaking to but later felt under pressure.

After her image was posted on social media, she said: “I was just shocked, I felt sick to my stomach. 

“I could not understand why someone would do something that nasty. I just thought that he would be happy and the pressure would stop.”

Megan and the police have partnered to produce the film called #ItHappenedToMe which will be shown in schools across the country. 

PC Maria Carrick said: “We hope that hearing about Megan’s experience and how she overcame this difficult time will give strength and support to young people who experience bullying and pressure for nude pictures. 

“We encourage parents and teachers not to be afraid to talk to children about their activities on social media and explain the importance of privacy, and thinking before uploading content online, to prevent them from becoming both the victims and the perpetrators.”

Hampshire police added that they will continue to work closely with schools and youth centres to raise awareness. 

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