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Marwell Zoo’s much-loved tiger Milla dies

A much-loved Amur tiger has died at Marwell Zoo following a routine medical procedure.

Eleven-year-old Milla was due to undergo a veterinary procedure to fit a new contraceptive implant and have a full health check with vaccinations.

She stopped breathing after being placed under general anaesthetic, the Hampshire zoo said.

Carrie Arnold, Marwell Zoo Carnivores team leader, said: “Milla was an extremely charismatic animal; beautiful, confident, savvy and knew exactly what she wanted. She loved laying on her back soaking up the sun. She will be deeply missed by her keepers.”

Milla came to Marwell Zoo in 2012 as a part of an endangered species breeding programme, and gave birth to three cubs in May 2016.

Amur tigers are endangered with less that 500 believed to remain in the wild.

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