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Coronavirus putting police under increased stress

Police officers in Hampshire are facing increasing stress and mental health issues due to the impact of Coronavirus, a body representing law enforcement has said.

The Hampshire Police Federation (HPF) says officers are feeling the effect of the extra strain placed on them to enforce Covid-19 rules and regulations. 

Che Donald, National Vice-Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, said: “What is worrying for my colleagues on the frontline is attending significantly more sudden deaths of Covid-19 victims and what impact this repeat exposure will have on their mental health.”

Over 230 Hampshire officers had to take sick leave over 2019/20, due to illnesses they felt caused by pressure they were under.  

A welfare pack has also been sent out to all HPF members, which includes mental health support and financial guidance, aimed to help members cope with added stress caused by Covid-19.

Garry Smith, Hampshire Police Federation Secretary, said: “We’ve created the pack that may help people, whether it be with their own mental wellbeing if they’ve got any finance concerns.

“We wanted to stay in touch with people and offer some advice to help them through their self-isolation or their period working away from the workplace.

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