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Winchester City Council vote in favour of renewing the Alcohol Control Zone

Winchester City Council has decided to renew the Alcohol Control Zone for another year, after voting unanimously in favour of the order at a committee meeting last month.

The Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO), referred to locally as the Alcohol Control Zone, gives the police more powers when dealing with alcohol related antisocial behaviour within Winchester’s city centre and surrounding areas.

Although drinking in public spaces is not illegal under the PSPO, individuals who fail to stop drinking after being asked to do so by the police can be arrested.

Originally, in 2005 when the order was first introduced, the zone included just the Winchester city centre area, but this has been extended to include areas such as Weeke and Badger Farm.

The PSPO has been successfully renewed every year, due to its positive results in helping to combat alcohol fuelled antisocial behaviour.

Councillor and Chair of Winchester Community Safety Partnership, Jackie Porter said:

“With evidence showing that the use of the powers made available to the police has reduced alcohol related public order incidents by 65%, we welcome the extension of this order. Winchester City Council will continue to work collaboratively with businesses and partner agencies to maintain a safe and welcoming environment in the city now, and as we build our recovery from the pandemic.”

The order is also supported by the local police. Jon Turton, Hampshire Constabulary’s District Commander said:

“I fully support the extension of the Alcohol Control Zone in Winchester. This power provides us, the police, with a useful tactic when dealing with alcohol fuelled ASB.”

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