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Taxi drivers face major changes with updated policies

Taxi drivers in Winchester face major changes in the future with new updates to licensing policies.

Winchester City Council has updated their licensing policy with the aim of improving the safety and wellbeing of Winchester city and its residents.

This update will see changes around contactless payments and wheelchair accessible taxis but one change in particular has caused much concern among the city’s drivers.

As of 2023, all taxis must be of a white colour with permanent signs fixed to the vehicle’s doors and a sign that displays the word ‘Taxi’ and the Winchester City Council Logo fixed to the roof of the vehicle.

Many drivers believe these changes will cause more problemsas they fear the damage these permanently fixed signs will have on the taxi and the money it will then cost to fix the vehicle once it is sold or no longer used for taxi purposes.

A Winchester Hackney driver spoke to Winol : “The council and licensing team have no care for us Hackney drivers. We are expected to put fixed door signs on for the public. This is in addition to us having a roof sign. We are expected to pay £52 for these to be fitted. The cost to print is probably no more than £5. Southampton City Council gave these to their private hire drivers for free.

“The licensing team bring in new laws at the cost of drivers and then try to outsource these costing us even more.”

The draft policy for these updates has been approved and is ready to go before the cabinet soon.

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