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Christmas appeal: Students donate presents to poor families

Students are donating presents to vulnerable families as part of a Christmas charity appeal.

University of Winchester is participating in this year’s Christmas Box Appeal for the Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion.

This is a seventh year that Winchester students and their families have participated in the event by trying to help and prevent poverty in Southeast Europe.

With 113 boxes last year making a big difference to people who cannot afford things like shampoo, toothpaste and other that for some might seem like a basic everyday item.

Whether it is clothes or some sweets that will make a kid have a smile on their face during Christmas any help will be appreciated.

There are three simple steps anyone can do to participate in this event. Firstly, get a box and fill it with goodies of your choice, items such as shampoos should be put in a plastic bag. You can also decide to what gender and age group your box is for by filling the category label. After that the foundation is asking for shipping donation which is £3 and can be done online. When your pack is ready find the nearest drop of point. 

This foundation is working closely with non-governmental organisations to make a social change in different countries. To plan a better future for vulnerable people each of us can help as together it is easier to make the next step. 

If you still haven’t participated but you wish to the deadline for giving your prepared box in is Wednesday 18thof November to the Careers office, WB6, King Alfred Campus.  

The safety rules for Covid-19 must be followed so make sure to grab your mask and sanitize your hands before entering.

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