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Criticism over lack of affordable housing in ‘posh’ new housing development

A planning application which was approved to build 33 homes on the grounds of a luxury hotel has been criticised as being “too posh” to have affordable housing.

The go-ahead was given to build the new houses near Oakley Hall, located in the Borough of Basingstoke and Deane, after seven councillors voted in favour of the development.

However concerns were raised after it was revealed that no affordable housing would be built as part of this development, despite the council’s planning policy which states that developments of more than 10 homes should provide on-site affordable housing.

The developers are looking to provide financial support for affordable housing elsewhere, rather than providing it on-site, but Councillor David Potter insisted in a recent online council meeting that the council’s policy is “clear” that “40% affordable housing should be provided”.

The new development would nearly double the population of the local area. Residents from Deane, which is home to only 40 people, expressed concern.

One local told Winol: “It seems the developers don’t think affordable housing is prestigious enough to have on their greenfield site, so they want to put it somewhere else.”

One requirement to build on a greenfield site such as the one near Oakley Hall is that the housing remains affordable to local residents.

In the same meeting, which ran for three hours, Councillor Jane Frankum claimed it was “appalling” to suggest that the new development was “too posh” to have affordable housing.

The development will be close to Oakley Hall, a four star country house hotel.

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