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Guildhall clock lights up purple to remember the people that lost their lives to pancreatic cancer.

One of the main building on high street is taking part in an event to support the people who have lost their loved ones to pancreatic cancer.

On the 19th of November Guildhall clock will change its colour to purple as a sign of respect and remembrance to families that have been affected by the cancer as well as patients that are still struggling with it or have been in past.

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month so Liberal Democrat Cllr Lynda Murphy and Conservative MP Steve Brine have been active to spread the awareness about the disease.

Ms Murphy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on Boxing Day last year and since then she has faced the operations but has now recovered. But statistics show that usually around 90% of the patients are diagnosed too late and the surgery is not possible.

Cllr Lynda Murphy said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has led to many pancreatic cancer sufferers having their appointments postponed. 

That’s why Pancreatic Cancer UK’s ‘No Time to Wait’ campaign is so important. If I’d had to wait an extra month for my operation, I wouldn’t be here now.”

The Purple light organisation is encouraging people around the UK to light up their houses with fairy lights or candles to give people more realization how serious this disease is.

 You are also encouraged to take photos and share them on your social media or send them to the Purple Light website as more awareness can save someone’s live.

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