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Christmas decorations donated to the hospital

The people of Winchester have donated Christmas decorations to the Royal Hampshire County Hospital to carry on the festive cheer that the hospital had not been able to provide because of COVID-19.

The hospital had been unable to provide the patients with the festive sight of Christmas decorations due to the strict COVID rules at the Romsey Road site.

In an attempt to bring in some Christmas cheer, the hospital had asked the community if they were able to donate any Christmas decorations so that they could decorate the outside and the entrances of the hospital grounds, which was not against the strict rules.

After a few short days, the plea for donations to the hospital had enough Christmas decorations to display two trees at their front entrance to promote holiday cheer to all those who enter in a hope to lift spirits for their temporary or prolonged stay in the hospital.

A Winchester nurse tweeted “What a beautiful site outside Winchester hospital… decorations inside this year but we are certainly making up for it outside”

HHFT quoted to WINOL: “We received decorations from around 100 different people – from both individuals and local businesses.

“Unfortunately this Christmas has to be a little different at our hospitals. In order to uphold our high standards of infection prevention and control practices that keep all of our patients and staff safe, we have had to look at other ways to share the Christmas spirit as COVID-19 continues to change how we work.

“We are so grateful for all of the support we have received from the local community and the donations of Christmas decorations to transform the front of the Royal Hampshire County Hospital – it will go a long way to keep some festive cheer going through what is a difficult time.”

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