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Eastleigh Council celebrate National Tree Week by planting a tree for every employee

Eastleigh have planted over 500 trees within their borough, working towards their goal of 160,000 by 2030.

The council stated on their website that they have planted “a variety of native tree species” including the silver birch, cherry blossom and field maple.

The trees have been planted across various locations within Eastleigh, from the Lakeside Country Park to the old Golf Course at Fleming Park.

Up to 160 trees were planted in the Itchen Valley Country Park alone.

Not only will these trees “enhance wildlife corridors and biodiversity” within Eastleigh but they will be there “for future generations to enjoy”.

Councillor Rupert Kyrle, Cabinet Lead for Environment, said: “During the pandemic, many people have discovered the benefits of behind out in nature to improve their mood and mental health.

“By planting more trees in the borough, we can not only help to tackle the climate crisis and support local wildlife, but also create the legacy of a greener, leafier borough for our residents, their families and future generations.”

This celebration of National Tree Week comes after the council announced their largest tree planting scheme ever on the 20th February.

The council are aiming to plant 160,000 trees by 2030; one for every borough resident.

The scheme was announced after the council unanimously declared a Climate Change and Environmental Emergency in July last year.

But this isn’t Eastleigh’s first environmental achievement. Over the last decade they have installed thousands of kWh of renewable energy as well as reducing their operational emissions by 35% since 2008.

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