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Local businesses collaborate to decide plans for the future of central Winchester regeneration

Last week businesses from all over Winchester came together to virtually express their opinions and views on the ongoing recunstruction plan in the local area that has been under review since 2016.

Winchester city council has said that the plan is to change the area around the bus station, Kings Walk, Friarsgate Medical Centre, and Coitbury House creating a lively space for the public as well as housing and workspaces. The area is prioritized to be for people not vehicles as well as bring the city’s heritage to life.

Paul Spencer, Executive Director of Winchester BID, said:” As a city we must take the next step together towards realizing the potential for this site as a vibrant mixed-use destination which will greatly benefit local people.”

One of the main focuses was about being able to provide a new generation with fair and flexible workplaces to give them a solid start as well as develop the nightlife economy. During the meeting, the discussion was about timescales delivery and the future of already existing business

Cllr Kelsie Learney, Cabinet Member said: It was so inspiring to hear from businesses based in the city about what it would mean to them for this area to be re-energised.

At such a difficult time for businesses, especially those in retail and hospitality who still took the time to attend this session, it is essential we can look forward to a brighter future.”

Winchester city council is also encouraging people to use their voice and express their opinions on this project. They can do so by visiting a virtual exhibition, complete a questionnaire or join an online consultation session.F

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