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Pub restrictions:’Everything is just much, much harder now’

Pub owners in Winchester are suffering because of the new law of restrictions for the safety of the public in the goal to stop any further increase of coronavirus cases.

The restrictions mean that pubs can’t get as many people because only six people can sit at a table at a time so they can’t make as good money in the business as they usually do.

More often than not, time is spent cleaning and preparing the bar so that it’s safe for customers, but it often means that they have to spray down the chairs, tables and other surfaces with disinfectant. Throughout the night, the bathroom is also checked and cleaned regularly in order to keep it safe and sanitised.

It’s also harder to maintain other laws, such as not being able to serve customers if they’re too drunk, during the high demand of service, “It’s harder table service and we can’t tell if people are drunk because they’re sat down,” one local Winchester pub owner stated.

Not only is there a problem with the establishment struggling to reach the new restriction laws, but people who enter the pub can often neglect the wear face-masks.

However, the servers can’t enforce the face-mask rule without a presence of authority as to avoid confrontation with an intoxicated people for the safety of the employees.

If no extra help is given to them to keep their businesses afloat, then there is a strong possibility that most of the pubs in Winchester will be forced to shut down without the guarantee of ever opening again.

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