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The Church of King Alfred’s resting place in repairs

500 year old church in Winchester which holds the remains of King Alfred is in need of repairs.

St Bartholomew’s Tower, founded in 1110, and still in use today is in need of repairs in order to be sustained.

The church is most known for being the final resting place for the bones of King Alfred the Great, along with his wife and son – three key historical figures of Winchester – and three stone tablets now mark their resting places.

For this reason, the church has remained open and usable to the public as a religious and historical building.

The Church’s website said: “We have a big project in hand for significant improvement to the area under the church tower” and are managing to finally move forward with their plans of repairs after the helpful donations from the public.

There is also talk of upgrading the church by installing bathrooms for people with disabilities to use.

However, with the coronavirus pandemic, the church has struggled to keep open for Sunday prayers and the repairs have been slow and delayed, until recent development where they have been able to move forward with their plans.

With these repairs, the church will be all the more preserved along with Winchester’s rich history.

The problems with the church can be summed up to the general age and the old materials made from the church; with time and rain, stone can be broken down and with age wooden beams can become worn and splintered.

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