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The rise of second-hand selling for students with DEPOP

The up and coming website, Depop, has skyrocketed in popularity during 2020 with “almost two million active users in May 2020” according to

The online shop, which has been nicknamed the “the lovechild between Instagram and eBay” by, has grossed a $500 million dollar merchandise value since their launch in 2011, reports TechCrunch.

Depop is an online website where members of the public can advertise second-hand clothing to others – currently they have over 13 million active members.

In particular, the app is popular with students who wish to stay trendy for a cheaper price. One college student, named Chloe Russell, stated: “Depop really is amazing. I can buy clothes for a quarter of the retail price and stay within my budget! I can also sell old things that I no longer want and move them on to someone who will appreciate them. What more could you ask for?”

Other websites have even gone as far as calling Depop “Gen Z’s favourite shopping app” (

The popularity of the app has mainly been boosted by online sensations, such as viral UK Ticktocker @strawberry.hayes who has over two hundred thousand followers. Her Depop, @strawberrybratt, sells second-hand items from a guaranteed smoke and pet free household. Even a recent added feature of leaving reviews allows the buyer to see the quality of the clothing from other purchases and the stability of the seller – for example, @strawberry.hayes sports over 100 5-star reviews.

As the app gains more and more users, a University student named Charley Godley stated that: “this could be the beginning of the end for normal retail stores. Why would you go out shopping when you can find it online for half the price?”

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