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Theatre Royal lives on thanks to community and government funding

Winchester residents rejoice, as The Theatre Royal in Winchester has raised the necessary funds needed for it to survive.

Along with their Survival Fundraising Appeal, which was set to raise £225,000, ended up raising even more than expected. This, along with just under £220,000 from the government, has meant that the theatre is able to continue running.
The funding means that they could run shows in the coming months, yet there’s still uncertainty about running the Christmas Pantomime.

Deryck Newland, the Chief Executive of the Play to the Crowd charity, told WINOL: “The public really value live performance” and that they hope to be able to run shows throughout the winter.

He says that he is “extremely grateful to everyone who has donated”.

While the charity are still discussing the details about how they plan to run the theatre after news of the new COVID restriction came in and uncertainty has begun spreading as to whether the rules might change, the theatre aims to announce events and availability for the theatre as soon as possible.

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