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Project Team Hannah supports The Voice star and raises money for charity

Musicians are making lockdown videos to support Winchester’s Hannah Williams on The Voice and to raise money for charity.

The University of Winchester Music Centre has invited students, alumni, community members and friends of Williams to a virtual performance of her audition song ‘Stay with me Baby’ by Lorraine Ellison.

Singers and instrumentalists have taken part in zoom rehearsals and are recording themselves playing or singing along to the song.

Instead of having to pay to take part in the Team Hannah, participants have been asked to donate £20 each to Trinity Winchester.

A Just Giving page has been set up with the aim to raise £1000.

Organiser of the project Neil Valentine told WINOL: “This is, I think, an original idea in some way.

“We’re not the first people to do a lockdown video by any stretch, we’re not the first person to do one inspired by a TV show. But I think we’re the first group to do something which is raising money for charity in support of a current member that involves a community.”

“We talked about what charities were around, and Trinity we’ve supported at the Music Centre before. We really, really like the work that they do, we see how valuable it is for people who are affected by homelessness and affected by domestic violence.”

Around 30 musicians took part in one online rehearsal, but Valentine is not yet sure how many people will send in a recording for the final product.

People from different places and who are connected with the project in different ways have been able to participate in the virtual project.

Valentine said: “Hannah said to me the other day that it was for her personally, the rehearsal we had on Saturday was like people from all walks of her life, old friends, new friends, students she has taught, colleges, family, loads of people connecting over this thing.”

Old friend of Williams and current vocal student, Kelly Carswell told WINOL: “I have really enjoyed this project. It has been so rewarding to feel like a part of something bigger again.

“Learning and performing harmonies has always been a passion of mine and it has been so much fun to explore that and support Hannah at the same time.”

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