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Third monolith spotted on Isle of Wight

A monolith has appeared on the Isle of Wight, mere days after similar statues were discovered in the United States and Romania.

While the previous structures are made out of reflective metal, the Isle of Wight monolith seems to be constructed out of mirrored plastic. It’s not yet known who is responsible for the monolith, but anonymous group The Most Famous Artist – who claim to be responsible for the others – deny any involvement.

A number of residents are revelling in the mystery, while creating their own theories.

Alexia Fishwick told WINOL that she believes the latest monolith was erected to “carry on from Utah and Romania,” stating “They’ve certainly had a big effect on us all. Got us going to all sorts of places with our minds!”

Another resident, DJ Rob da Bank, tweeted about his theories: “Just another Monday with the Isle of Wight trending… nope I’m not sure if it’s aliens, a Coldplay pr stunt or a local mirror dealer drumming up trade”

So what lies in store for the monolith?

The statue stands on land belonging to the National Trust, who were unaware of its presence until the Isle of Wight began trending on Twitter. The National Trust responded to WINOL’s request for comment with the following statement:

We have no immediate plans to remove it, but of course we will continue to monitor it to ensure the beach remains safe and does not become overcrowded.

“The National Trust looks after large amounts of land which is protected for its importance for wildlife, nature and archaeology. To prevent the risk of damaging important sites, we insist that anybody who wishes to put up something on our land must always contact us first.”

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