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Objections against new solar farm near Winchester

Plans for a new 54 acre solar farm near Winchester has raised more than 500 objections.

The proposed solar farm would be at Godsfield, which is north of Alresford, and will generate enough power for 3000 homes.

However a large number of country lovers are angry at the plans.

The main reason for the objections is the remoteness of the area, with the area in close proximity with a long-distance footpath which many people use for countryside walks.

Dave Ramm, the Hampshire correspondent for the Open Spaces Society, said: “Do we really have to despoil the best place to stop for a rest and refreshment and to enjoy this open view… or on a Sunday afternoon stroll for that matter? Surely not.”

However the green group behind the application, Winchester Action on Climate Change, is urging people to get behind the scheme. 

They said: “We need this to succeed. We are only going to need more electricity as we swap to electric cars and electricity to heat our homes.”  

“As we move away from fossil fuels for transport or heating, our reliance on electricity will go up. We want to make sure that any increases in electricity use are from renewable sources.”

They also said the solar farm will see an increase in biodiversity, and have also promised the site will provide enough renewable energy equating to one percent of the district’s electricity consumption. 

The proposal is likely to go to a planning committee due to the number of objections.

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