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Basingstoke school celebrate Children’s Mental Health Week in an interesting fashion

To show their support for Children’s Mental Health Week (1st February 2021 – 7th February 2021), students and staff at Everest Community Academy held a virtual ‘Inside Out Day’, where they sent in a selfie of them wearing an item of clothing inside out.

Staff at the school in Popley felt it was important, now more than ever, to bring attention to children’s mental wellbeing.

The idea was that this represents how someone presents themselves on the outside is not always how they are on the inside.

Students and staff were also taught recognise the signs of good and bad mental health, as well as the importance of gratitude and carrying out simple acts of kindness.

The head of year 10 at Everest Community Academy, Damien Murphy, organised the event and said: “More than ever, Personal Social and Health Education is critical in reminding our students that we can all look out for each other. Checking in with friends and family members is so important, something that we once all took for granted is now essential.”

Mr Murphy went on to say: “Teachers continue throughout the pandemic to be overwhelmed by our student’s thoughtfulness and selfless acts in ensuring others around them are looked out for. This brought us full circle to the message of Inside Out Day, random acts of kindness to those closest to us will ensure we go a long way to discovering how they are feeling on the inside as opposed to only what we see on the outside.”

The hopes for the assembly and tutorials held to mark Children’s Mental Health week is for it to become an annual event at Everest.

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