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Winchester prison faces another Covid outbreak.

Romsey Prison has been hit by another COVID outbreak with more than 60 cases confirmed at the jail. 

Romsey prison which is located at Winchester West district and holds more than 600 inmates have faced challenging situation.

Latest figures show that 47 prisoners and 17 staff have test positive for the virus, while another 21 are in isolation.

Sarah Rigby, of the Prison Officer’s Association, said:” Staff at Winchester is working very hard to stop the spread of the virus. Face masks, hand washing, and social distancing where it is possible.

The situation at Winchester is unfortunately similar to the other sites and it demonstrates why prison staff members must be prioritised for the vaccine as soon as possible.”

The government has pointed out that in week-on-week statistics that this area has been a hotspot for the virus recently and has a rate of 481.6 pe 100,000 people which is above the national average.

This is confusing for some as all parts of the West district are showing a fall in cases by almost 35%.

The recent one-day rise in the infection rates around Winchester has also been connected to prison outbreaks. The released figures showed high numbers in Winchester West where the prison is located.

The Ministry of Justice says that it does not comment on cases of individual jails, but they are “closely monitoring” the situation.

The staff has been completing another mass testing procedure and numbers are predicted to rise. Prison is taking all measures to try and stop the spreading of the virus as soon as possible.

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