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Winchester Cathedral puts forward their new project “Musical Moments” to support children that are being taught at home.

Winchester Cathedral has turned itself into a classroom during the latest lockdown.

The 1,000 year old building is using modern technology to bring musical education into the homes of Primary School children.

Starting January Winchester Cathedral launched their video series called “Musical moments”. Monday mornings there will be a video posted about a wide range of different topics that are connected to music.

This will include musical instruments and ways to sing some of the listeners’ favourite songs. Video will be uploaded on the Winchester Cathedral website as well as their social media platforms.

The focus of the clips is their connection to the primary national curriculum which can be used to help children at these difficult times during pandemic.

Choirs’ Officer Kate Downer said to Winol:” Musical Moments has been a great way to bring music education into homes whilst we are in lockdown.

We appreciate that home learning can be tricky and we are pleased t be able to contribute with the resources from our music department.”

Many families have been finding it difficult to work from home and assist their children with educational needs at the same time. Projects like these are helping kids that find themselves studying from home again as well as their parents.

Now children more than ever are starting to lose motivation.

This project is not only giving children creative opportunities to learn something new about the music industry but also bring some positivity in their lives with help of music.

The first stand-alone lesson was held by assistant organist, Claudia Grimmell, talking about the Cathedral organs history and any sounds it can make.  

To be part of this project there is no need to have knowledge of music and no equipment is required. For more information visit

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