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Fundraising team fear people won’t get to their second vaccine appointment

Elderly and vulnerable people could struggle with getting to their second vaccine appointment, as the Cabs for Jabs fundraising team fear they won’t raise money for enough taxi fares.

The Cabs for Jabs fundraiser was started in January to provide free cab journeys to vaccination centres for older and vulnerable people and has since then raised almost £16,000.

Over 400 people have been given a free ride to their vaccine appointments through the fundraiser.

As older people are getting their second dose Cabs for Jabs are again being contacted by people who are struggling to get to their appointments, but less people are donating money now.

Organiser of the fundraiser Tim Perry estimates that they only have enough money for around 200 rides left.

Perry told WINOL: “We’d love to give everyone who got a cab to the first time around a cab to the second time around. And we hope that we can raise enough money to do that, and my concern at the moment is that we don’t have enough money to do that.”

“It’s really just a call out to all the people in Winchester who haven’t donated o go to our GoFundMe site and search Cabs for Jabs and to donated whatever amount they can.”

Perry got the idea for the fundraiser because he was worried that the people who need the vaccine the most would find getting to the vaccination centre difficult.

He told WINOL: “Older people won’t want to get on the bus, especially if they have been locked up shielding or at home for a year. And I thought well it’s going to be really problematic for older people to get to that cite, and I thought wouldn’t it be awful if the people who need the vaccination the most can’t actually get to their vaccine because they don’t have transportation, so that was where the idea came from.”

He started the fundraiser with a few friends, and they partnered up with a local taxi firm who organizes the rides.

The fundraising team contacted GP surgeries so that they could let older people know about the service when they were contacted about getting the vaccine.

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