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Third wave and vaccine fears: How people are reacting to the news

Third wave and vaccine fears: How people are reacting to the news


Boris Johnson has alerted the public that “we will feel” the effects of the third wave sweeping mainland Europe, and that people should get the vaccine as soon as they are contacted.
Doctors in Europe wrote a letter to Le Journal du Dimanche newspaper, telling of how they are having to choose between the lives of patients due to the resources available. This has also led to tighter restrictions in countries in mainland Europe, including Portugal which has limited restrictions for travellers such as only allowing essential travel and continuing the 14-day quarantining for people visiting.
With hospitals around Europe beginning to be overrun with cases, and panic about people getting their vaccinations before the third wave hits the UK, some locals are refusing to take the vaccine amidst safety concerns regarding the vaccine.
One Winchester resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, told WINOL:
“I will not take the vaccine not only based on the blood clot allegations but also […] they could offer it to those with actual underlying health issues.”
However, others are more optimistic about the vaccine. Another Winchester resident told WINOL:
“I saw no such reports on the AstraZeneca vaccine” in response to questions about the blood clot claims, and that they “trust AstraZeneca and happily had my first vaccination 2 weeks ago. […] I am prepared to take a risk with potential unknown long-term side effects from AstraZeneca.”

With lockdown restrictions starting to ease, the NHS urges people to attend their appointments and get their vaccinations as soon as they are contacted to reduce the spread.

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