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Rent reduction for students.

Students at the University of Winchester are being offered up to a 100% reduction on their rent for this academic year.

For those students who are not on practical courses, and therefore remaining at home, they could be eligible for a 100% reduction for on-campus accommodation and university-managed housing. People who left at the end of semester one but didn’t remove their belongings are eligible for 50% off the total fee for the academic year. But, those who moved out completely can get a full refund.

When asked if the decision was going to be altered due to students coming back e.g. will students eligible for the 50% reduction, have this reduction decreased? Or is the university sticking to its promises, a spokesperson said: “With the return of students on courses with practical elements, students who are on courses that have not been advised to return are still eligible for the 50% or 100% reduction.”

However, some students feel the university could do more. Psychology with Child Development student Rosie Burke told WINOL: “I’m glad we’re getting at least 50% back, but I know quite a few other uni’s are getting 100%. So, it could be a bit more.”

When asked if all students should get a 100% like other universities, the university simply replied with: “Students who were not using their rooms, cleared their rooms, and temporarily gave up occupation were eligible for 100% refund for the period.” This would suggest that the University is unwilling to change its mind on its current stance on the situation.

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