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Starbucks Returns to Winchester

Starbucks is coming back to Winchester.

After an eight month absence, it has been confirmed that Starbucks will return after the lockdown ends.

With the threat of the coronavirus and the national lockdown, many shops had been losing money, forcing them to either temporarily or permanently close down.

Starbucks was one of the unfortunate stores that closed down for good in July after a temporary shut down during the first lockdown in March.

Instead of reopening in the former spot, Starbucks are being relocated further down the high-street where an old Jigsaw store used to be.

Robert Whitfield, a Winchester local, spoke to WINOL, “I believe, that it will be a good thing as it will introduce a wider variety, and also appeal to a different demographic to current cafes in Winchester.

“However, I believe that it will place a strain on small local coffee shops.”

The customers are not the only people who are happy for the reopening of the Winchester Starbucks as the unemployed and former employees, who had previously lost their jobs in the permanent shut down, can apply for the jobs that they’d lost during the course of the lockdown.

With all that has happened to the high-street, people are glad to have one of their usual cafés back after the mass of stores closing and the fear of losing the life and essence of the city.

Hopefully, with the return of one of Winchester’s former stores, more will slowly return back to Winchester with lockdown restrictions easing up over time.

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