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Attempted Attack on Reclaim These Streets Protestor

A Winchester man attempted to attack a protestor at Winchester’s ‘Reclaim these Streets’ protest on March 27th.

The unnamed local lunged at the crowd after a tense discussion with Imogen Miller, 19, about social distancing. He told Miller, that he would “smash [her] f**king head in”

Two women attending the protest stood between Miller and the man until police tackled him and removed him from the scene. He was released without charge and the protest continued without further incident.

Miller later spoke to WINOL reporter Kayley Haselden about the altercation and the events of the protest:

“Generally everything was fine, the police were nice and supportive, but there was one man who was just shouting at us for social distancing – even though we were social distancing – and then I told him women were being killed, and then he said he was going to smash my head in. So that wasn’t so nice … but the police took him away and they dealt with him, so it was alright.”

The other protestors began to disperse as Miller continued:

“I feel like we did what we were supposed to, we caused a little bit of disruption, but mainly it was just like we wanted to raise awareness for the police and sentencing bill that’s coming in, and also obviously for poor Sarah Everard.”

“I just want the general public to understand what’s going on with Sarah Everard and violence against women in general.”

The incident can be seen here:

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