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Graze Festival refunds donations after ‘unsuccessful’ crowdfunding campaign

Hampshire based festival has refunded 10k worth of crowdfunding donations after only meeting half their target.

The music and food festival in Twyford started their Graze Festival 2021 Crowdfunder campaign which aimed to help fund the re-launch of the popular event which hasnt taken place since 2018.

Now a new crowdfunder has been launched with the hope of the festival returning in 2022. Organisers have set a target of £2,000 target for the fundraiser which is aimed at helping to recover ongoing costs for the event.

These will include legal and accounting fees, website hosting, social media promotion and other ongoing expenses.

The campaign has currently raised £90 of its target with organisers set to keep all pledges made, regardless of whether they hit their target. 

One organiser said: “Although the campaign was unsuccessful, the enthusiasm from supporters has clearly demonstrated a willingness to support the arts in these strange times. It is much appreciated.”

This comes after another local festival, Boomtown, had to refund its customers after the Covid insurance was too much of a big risk.

The event was scheduled to run from August 11 to August 15, but will now take place in 2022 instead.

Organisers said: “We have been doing everything within our power to try to find a solution to the mind-boggling conundrum of putting on a safe and well-run event to the sheer scale, complexity and intricate nature of Boomtown this summer.

“However, the time has simply run out for us to be able to proceed in a way that would live up to our high safety and production standards for the large-scale event we had planned.

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