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“Kill the Bill” returns on May 1st at 1pm

The Instagram account who posted the next march date and venue

On the 27thof March 2021 crowds formed outside the Hampshire Constabulary to protest against the Government’s new policing bill and against sexual assault. In all different cities, the most known being Bristol (where an altercation arose between protesters and police), the demonstration was formed. They were also joined by those calling out for safer streets for women – especially following the death of Sarah Everard. 

A member of the march said: “I don’t fully understand the bill today – I’m here to say we need safer streets. I’m scared to go out at night. Doesn’t that sound seriously wrong?”

Now another one is due soon. Luckily the last peaceful protest resulted in no violent or arrests in Winchester (unlike the anti-lockdown protesters who moved through London and resulted in six arrests) 

One protester from Winchester last ‘Kill the Bill’ march said: “I have a right to protest and if I’m doing it in a peaceful matter what’s the problem? Don’t take my rights away just because you don’t like it. You’re appointed by us, you don’t rule us” The comment was in relation to the bill which would give the police power to fine or arrest those in non-violent protests for being ‘too loud’ and ‘noisy’

The turnout for 2nd‘Kill the Bill’ march is expected to be large. The march begins on May 1st 1pm and the top of Winchester high street, in front of the police station.

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