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The rise of “Hendog”

Hendog’s artwork, found at St Catherine’s hill, Winchester Hospital and Eastleigh.

Local Winchester artist, dubbed ‘Winchester’s Banksy’, has recently caused a stir. The artist named ‘Hendog’ has slowly been spreading his art throughout the city as his first piece, based underneath The Handlebar Café on St Catherine’s hill, received applause from the locals.

The primary piece of art on St Catherine’s hill, was found on Mother’s Day and the anonymous artist announced it was “for mothers everywhere” The illustration caught attention quickly. One of the first people to see it, a Handlebar Café worker, sent a photo of it to her mother who responded: “I think it’s fabulous, regardless if it’s Banksy or not!”

Although many people believed it resembled Banksy’s work too much to just be a coincidence, it was quickly announced that the artist’s name was “Hendog” – however, no other details of the artist has been released other than his illustrator name.  

Since then, Hendog has not stopped his late-night creations. His work has been spotted outside Winchester Hospital and in Eastleigh. Most of the public seem to love the Hendog’s creativity, with one Facebook post on “WINCHESTER CONVERSATIONS” reaching more than 400 interactions.

Nonetheless, the art has also received backlash from some of the community. One Facebook user, who chose to remain anonymous, stated: “I honestly don’t see what the fuss it about! Everyone loves it just because it looks nice – it’s simply just vandalism. So, we we’re going to accept vandalism in our community now? I’ll notify the council to have it removed”

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